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We are the only architectural + interior + construction + consulting firm that specializes in holistic health & wellness environments.
At CrossFields, we are committed to helping doctors get the most value so their practices stand out, succeed, and save more lives.
Trusted by discerning practitioners of all levels nationwide.

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Our Unique 6 Step Design Process

Will smartly and successfully guide you through the entire process, from initial Planning through Construction

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“New patients have come in [to the new office] that were like pulling teeth to get in before. They don’t second guess you or fuss about the money, which helps the business. I already feel more successful.”


Dr. Fisher
Fisher Family Chiropractic
Mequon, WI

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Your Investment

How many more patients could you attract if your space was more appealing? How much more value could you get out of your square footage? How much time could you get back in the day with someone else managing the design of your office? At CrossFields, we are committed to helping you achieve the most value with your space, so you stand out in the market. We help you bring your dream environment to life so that you can go further in your business.

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Our Difference

CrossFields is the only firm that offers architectural and interior design, and construction services as specialist in Chiropractic and Health & Wellness Centers. They know first-hand the powerful impact of chiropractic and holistic care and have a passion to elevate the profession.

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Resource MegaBundle

1. Our Top 15 Floorplans
2. The 5 Point Designer Checklist
3. The Goal Setter 5 Phase System
4. The 5 Biggest Mistakes Chiropractors Make
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