2018 Color Trends Office Design

Nothing evolves faster in the interiors industry than color. As has been studied, each color has a psychological meaning. Over the years, colors trends have been a mirror representing the changing psychological influences of politics, economy, and culture.

Previous Trends

The rough economy in the late 2000’s to early 2010’s brought with it the minimalist desire and “wanting to escape”. This feeling produced calm and safe color pallets. The colors of those last few years were dominated by the monochromatic and neutrals, predominately cool gray and white with muted accents of spa-like blues and greens.




Current Trends

The colors we see in the trends today are turning warmer and bolder. Historically, this is typically tied to a flourishing economy, as we are experiencing more of these days.

We have been seeing that the metals are turning from silver to gold, showing more affluence.  The cool grays that have dominated interiors are turning to warmer and richer neutrals, such as dove gray, taupe, sand and even rosy and gold shaded neutrals.

2018 Color Trends, Taupe, Chiropractic Office Design, Healthcare Office Design

2018 Taupe

Neutrals have become more dramatic. Black and Navy are strong in design today.

Color trends 2018, Navy, Bold Neutral, Healthcare Office Design, Chiropractic Office Design

2018 Neutral Navy

In healthcare, the monochromatic schemes still dominate because of the calm they produce.  But the trend will be more accent colors that are bolder and unusual.


Color Trends 2018, Purple, Office Design, Chiropractic Office Design, Healthcare Office Design

2018 Purple

2018 Color Trends, Hot Pepper Red, Chiropractic Office Design, Healthcare Office Design

2018 Pepper Red

Color trends 2018, Green-Blue, office design, healthcare office, chiropractic

2018 Green-Blue


Specifically, purples, violets, and fuchsias, the hot pepper reds, and the deep, ocean-inspired green-blues are emerging more and more.



Looking back in history, these colors are reminiscent of the jewel tones from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  As we know, although the variety of colors are infinite, they will repeat themselves – usually with a twist.

We are excited to continue incorporating new and classic colors into our designs for the Chiropractic and holistic healthcare industry. We believe that design in this market should be exciting and inviting, with a blend of retail and hospitality mixed in.

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Carolyn Boldt

With over 30 years of experience, Carolyn has gained complete understanding of every aspect of the commercial interior industry. Her experience includes turnkey, full-service architectural interior design; extensive program development studies (PDS), feasibility studies, design programs , planning studies and space planning; development of facility standards and master plans; creative impact statements for retail, hospitality and corporate; graphic identity packages; sustainable design; as well as complete facility start-ups and relocation management.

She has a Bachelors of Science – Interior Design, University of Texas at Austin, 1980, is a Registered Designer, a LEED Accredited Professional, NCIDQ Certified, and Professional Member of IIDA/International Interior Design Association and GAIDP/Georgia Association of Professional Interior Designers.