You want to be successful and save more lives.

Did you know that your success is directly related to the design of your environment?

Discerning Chiropractors understand that a well-designed environment is key to success, yet they struggle with the complex details to achieve the level of quality and excellence that really makes the difference.

CrossFields is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goal.

CrossFields has created a 6 Step streamlined process to create customized, practical, and impactful environments that are proven to elevate Chiropractors’ success.


Maximize Space & Flow

The first priority of any space is that it must function well.  This means you must have the right amount of space – space that is big enough for each activity, but not too big.  You must also have a space that is laid out to achieve the greatest flow. This translates directly as savings to your bottom line by:

  • Keeping facility overhead costs down
  • Reducing time wasted, allowing more quality time with patients
  • Reducing staff frustration
  • Enhancing better communication with employees

With a focus on thoroughly embracing and understanding the Chiropractic and wellness profession, we understand how you work and what will work in your environment.

CrossFields is a group of degreed, licensed, and seasoned interior architectural designers that have decades of space planning expertise. At CrossFields we team with you to layout your space from the inside out, always exploring all options. We design the space specifically for what you are looking for, rather than designing it around a certain product. When you work with us, you will always receive a uniquely created plan suited to your situation and needs.

Attract Patients

Patients will make a judgment about you and the quality of your care immediately upon entering your office. You never get a second chance to make that first impression. Your office space is a reflection of you and your care, and is the environment that creates your culture. It is your most valuable marketing investment.

We are not just focused on the flow of your space, we are also focused on creating the environment you want which will maximize your patient experience.

As designers, we bring our experience of designing retail and hospitality environments into every office. Like in retail, we make sure you are always in promotion mode by promoting your services and products in the most aesthetically pleasing way. We use our work in hospitality to create an environment which promotes your care and culture, making your patients want to come back.

We create cutting edge design that makes you stand out from your competition and speaks trust, quality, and value to your patients.

Save Time & Money

Every decision you make is important to the efficiency and effectiveness of your office environment. You want to make the right decisions without wasting time or money.

Because of our years of construction and consulting experience in the design and building business, as well as our intimate involvement in the Chiropractic industry, we know how to save your time and money by using our unique 6 Step system.

Our system

We have created a 6 Step process that allows our chiropractors to be intimately involved in the decisions of the office, while using the least of their time and the most of their input. Through a system of scheduled meetings, we break the decisions down into priorities, making driving decisions first (eating the elephant one bite at a time). This saves your time and gives you the best custom design for “a less than custom fee.”

Our experience

When you hire us, we will use our wide-ranging knowledge of both design and Chiropractic to make sure you are spending your money wisely and getting the highest return on your investment.

Our team of creative experts has worked in the commercial design and building industry for a combination of 35+ years which has given us a comprehensive experience in Architecture, Interiors, Construction, Development, Purchasing, and Leasing. Further, we are the only architectural interior and construction firm that has extensive knowledge of Chiropractic standards, practices, equipment, philosophy, and struggles. This combination of experience and knowledge gains you a comprehensive consultative approach to your office, using best practices to leverage your time and money wisely.


Our passion…CrossFields is personally passionate about elevating the Chiropractic brand image so that Chiropractors can reach more people and save more lives.

At CrossFields, we will create a practical and impactful environment that will elevate your success.

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See the Difference

Whether you have a brand new office or need to renovate an existing one, the CrossFields team can help. Since 2012, the team has successfully designed 100’s of chiropractic offices. Check out the portfolio below to see what your office can look like.

correctivechiropracticfrontdesklogoretailoakhurst Integrated Medicine Reception Chiropractic Office Reception Area Chiropractic Entryway

Meet the Founders

Scott Boldt
Scott’s 30+ year career in design & construction began when he first took architectural drafting classes in high school. It was soon after that Scott earned his Associates Degree in Architectural Engineering, then a Bachelors of Science in Construction Management from Clemson University. Scott knows every aspect of commercial development, construction, and trade disciplines. Scott’s project diversity allowed him to create, locate, finance and consult with Chiropractic Offices in order to establish the many well-planned projects on display in our portfolio.  As a Registered Commercial Contractor, he combines his passion for design and architecture with a passion to help chiropractors be successful and promote the value of holistic care.

Carolyn Boldt
VP/Director of Design

Carolyn’s love for design comes from her understanding that people’s productivity and attitudes are significantly impacted by their surroundings. This drive started in her early teens when she had the unique opportunity to work with her father, an engineer at NASA, on the early preliminary design of the US space station. With this as the fuel, she received her Bachelor’s with Honors in Interior Design at the University of Texas in 1980.

Through her unique career path, Carolyn has gained complete understanding of every aspect of the commercial interior built industry. Her experience includes turnkey interior architectural design, creative impact statements for retail, hospitality and corporate, graphic identity packages, facility standards and master plans, as well as complete facility start-ups and relocation management, and green sustainable design.  She is a professional member of IIDA, NCIDQ, a Registered Interior Designer and LEED AP.

Scott & Carolyn’s passion for the holistic approach of Chiropractic came from their personal experience with the healing of their daughter. At just two years of age, the pediatrician’s advice was to have tonsils removed due to  chronic tonsillitis. Fortunately, instead they found Chiropractic and over 25+ years later their daughter is vitally healthy and still has her tonsils!

What Others Are Saying

reception area design decatur

“I met with Carolyn and immediately hired them. During the process, I didn’t have to think that much, just focused on what I needed to do, which was market.

They were really good at laying out things – like little things in my office. They finished on time when they said they were going to be on time; in communication with me the entire time; no hidden expenses, very truthful about costs, and that’s huge. They made it very simple for me. Everything was crystal clear and upfront.

What I loved was one package, so you’re getting the design and construction all in one; you’re in close communication with them, personal attention; they’ve specifically worked with other chiropractors in the past, so you’ve got that, and they’re affordable.

All in all, a great experience. You don’t expect that type of close relationship with company like that. I refer them all the time.”

-Dr. Austin Cohen, DC, Corrective Chiropractic, Atlanta, GA

Reception Desk for Chiropractor“It was a great experience in that you understood our profession, what we needed and what we were looking for. It wasn’t like going to a designer that would design a regular office building with no concept of patient flow, so it made it really easy.

The response from patients was incredible. They were just absolutely blown away. We had our highest day of collections in the first week!”

-Dr. Eric Blundy, DC, SpineCare, Seneca, NC


“While we’ve only been in this spot for maybe five to six weeks, referrals are happening; even though it’s new, it’s two miles down the road and not where it was, there’s a lot of change, but people are still referring. Our patients just love this place.”

-Dr. Ashly Oschner, DC, BS, Health From Within Chiropractic Wellness Center , Orland Park, IL