What is Cryotherapy? 

Cryotherapy utilizes the power of cold to promote your body’s natural ability to heal, triggering a systemic fight or flight response which results in the blood being forced away from the extremities, short looping through the lymphatic system and back to the vital organs. Your body returns to a state of homeostasis which helps reduce inflammation and pain as well as increase energy levels. This allows your body to recover more efficiently than traditional ice baths. 

women in cryosauna

Experience your Whole Body Cryotherapy with an Impact Cryosauna

Whole Body Cryotherapy has become increasingly popular for its performance-enhancing, recovery, health, and wellness benefits. Using the state-of-the-art Impact Cryosauna, we offer the safest single-person cryogenic chamber used for Whole Body Cryotherapy. During the session, the temperature is regulated by our CryoTechnicians within the range of -190F to -260F. Always assured by our technician to ensure safety and a great experience, the Cryosauna is filled with nitrogen gas mist. Your head is above the chamber at all times with CryoTechnicians engaging in continuous conversation during your 3-minute session. Once the session begins, your blood circulates through your natural filtration system (kidneys, liver, and heart) and removes toxins and inflammatory properties from the body. After your session, your blood vessels dilate through a process called vasodilation in which blood vessels are dilated up to four times their normal state. Filtered blood, supercharged with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes, flows through your body and to your peripheral tissue. 


  • Helps reduce pain and inflammation 
  • May increase metabolism 
  • Helps speed up muscle recovery and healing 
  • Can boost immune system 
  • May improve sleep patterns and stress management 
  • Can reduce arthritic and chronic pain

Impact Cryotherapy

Impact Cryotherapy is the first company in the market to offer both Nitrogen and Electric cryotherapy units. These units fit seamlessly into wellness facilities, doctor offices, PT clinics, and more. The nitrogen unit requires a minimum 10×10 room or open space. The Electric ColdSpa comes in a single or double unit and requires a minimum 10×12 space for the single and 12×12 for the double with a buildout needed for a chiller and a cooler (see diagrams for spacing and buildout). 

How to Fit Cyrotherapy Into your Space

Below are some layout examples for the Impact Cryosauna

Speciality Equipment Needs a Special Layout

We have worked with hundreds of practitioners who each need unique equipment for their practice. Each piece has its own foot print, space around, electrical, and so many other requirements. Unlike local designers, a CrossFields designer knows how to fit each piece into your space beautifully and efficiently. Contact us today to see how we can “Bring Your Vision to Life!”

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