When we begin working with Chiropractors to plan for their next office, we start with finding out their vision for the space. We will ask questions like:

  • What kind of atmosphere do you want your future office to have?
  • How do you want patients to feel when they come into your space?
  • What kind of culture do you want to portray?

Though these questions are great starting points for understanding our client’s vision, we can understand it on a greater level when we can look at our client’s inspiration images with them.

Before our meeting, new clients are instructed to find inspiration images that capture the atmosphere, culture and feel of the space they want us to help them develop. We recommend this as part of the Due Diligence in the Definement Phase, which should be done at least 12 months before you open your new office.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Chiropractic Lobby DesignWhen you start thinking about the vision for your new space, begin by collecting pictures. These inspiration photos will allow you to visually describe what you are looking for to complement your verbal descriptions.

We recommend having at least 10 pictures of spaces that appeal to you. These are big picture ideas of the first impression you would like for your space. While searching for images, you’ll find elements and features you like, such as a chair, a carpet, or a light fixture. This is good to include as well as your designer can use this information to build a good foundation for your facility design to be developed around. Beyond finding features, you will come across photos that have a certain feel about them that you want to incorporate into your space. It may be that it feels calm yet has soft and bright colors combined with certain architectural elements or lighting. Whatever the case may be, it’s an invaluable tool to show to your designer to better communicate and describe your goal.

Where to Find Images

  • Pinterest has a huge collection of design ideas. Get office looks, furniture, colors, and more by searching on there or by visiting our Pinterest boards.
  • Here on our website under the Portfolio
  • From the albums on our Facebook page.
  • Houzz is another great website for design inspiration. We have found that looking at residential spaces can generate a better vision for the atmosphere you are trying to create rather than office space images.
  • Doing an image search on Google or Bing.
  • Design Magazines and books such as Interior Design Magazine or Contract Design Magazine.

Sharing Your Photos with Your Designer

New Office Design IdeasSelect 5-10 of the images that you have created that best represent the overall look or feel you would like your space to have. Write down a description of what you like about the space – whether it’s the color, flow, furniture, or more. These can also help with color scheme direction, so be sure to point out what colors and shades you like within these images.

You can also indicate the features that appeal to you in the images. Let them know if you like a specific pattern of a carpet or tiled floor, if there a piece of furniture or a light fixture that you like? Inform your designer what you like about those objects – whether it’s their shape, color, or modern feel.

Get Design Ideas for your next Chiropractic Office

We can help you design your next office, a renovation, or any interior design upgrades. Contact us today.

Carolyn Boldt

With over 30 years of experience, Carolyn has gained complete understanding of every aspect of the commercial interior industry. Her experience includes turnkey, full-service architectural interior design; extensive program development studies (PDS), feasibility studies, design programs , planning studies and space planning; development of facility standards and master plans; creative impact statements for retail, hospitality and corporate; graphic identity packages; sustainable design; as well as complete facility start-ups and relocation management.

She has a Bachelors of Science – Interior Design, University of Texas at Austin, 1980, is a Registered Designer, a LEED Accredited Professional, NCIDQ Certified, and Professional Member of IIDA/International Interior Design Association and GAIDP/Georgia Association of Professional Interior Designers.