5 phase goal setter system

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We believe the #1 Mistake that Chiropractors make when opening a new office is not understanding the PROCESS. Opening or renovating an office is an EVENT. It has a set goal with a beginning and an end. When it is over– unlike the management and marketing of your business – you don’t continue the process.

To make the process more manageable, CrossFields has developed a 5 PHASE TIMELINE to get you from your “Vision” to “Open for Business”.

This GOAL SETTER 5 PHASE TIMELINE lays-out individual tasks with specific dates to keep you on track for the opening of your office! This Checklist was developed especially for opening your first office, but we have found it useful for all those that are changing their office in any way.

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Not sure when you need to hit key deadlines for your project? The customized Goal Setter Timeline keeps you on schedule and in control and corresponds to all items in the Goal Setter Checklist. Find out more here!

Microsoft Project - Chiro Office Timeline (Master)

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