If you are already in lease or purchase negotiations…

Don’t Delay!

At this point in the office opening process, you’re already starting to be stretched thin. You are likely being asked lots of questions that demand answers quickly.

  • Whether you are self-funded or working with a lender, you need an accurate budget of what you need to build your dream office.
  • Your contractor is likely already asking for what you envision in your new space.
  • Very soon, if it hasn’t happened already, you will need to apply for permits with your local municipality.

The success of your practice will be directly impacted by the quality of your space. CrossFields can help you increase your ROI by maximizing your space and creating an environment that will attract patients.

CrossFields creates:

  • floor plans
  • front desk design
  • architectural finishes
  • interior design: including furniture, artwork, fixtures, lighting
  • permit drawings & architectural stamp
  • and more!

Schedule your Complimentary Consultation today to learn how we can help you BRING YOUR VISION TO LIFE!