A few days after his new office had opened, we interviewed Dr. Eric Blundy, D.C. of Spine Care in Seneca, South Carolina. He shared his thoughts about how the process went and about his new office.

Creating a Chiropractic Office Representative of High Expertise

When Dr. Blundy first came to CrossFields, he told us, “We will be transitioning into Functional Neurology care, and everything from Neurofeedback, to Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments, Decompression, VNG equipment, ect. I love that we can offer services no one else does and the amazing results we can achieve. These services can become costly. People buy first with their eyes and as such, I want my office to visually command that level of expertise.”

Dr. Blundy’s biggest concern about hiring a designer was he “didn’t want his office looking like every other chiropractic office, and [he] didn’t know how to get that across.” He stated, “The fact that you had so much experience with other offices and you knew exactly what it is we look for in what we need, and you’re a patient yourself and you understand, that was great. I felt immediately at ease.”

We worked with him to draw out and develop his vision from space planning through complete Construction Administration and Interior Furnishings. He used bits and pieces of the other office pictures posted on the portfolio of our website to help create his inspiration board for the look representative of high expertise of care.

Results from his New Office Space

Chiropractic Office Reception Area“The response from patients was incredible. They were just absolutely blown away.”

“We had our highest day of collections in the first week,” Dr. Blundy shared. His exams and how he interacts with his patients were the same, and the only thing that he changed was the new office environment. “I could see it in their body language, their willingness to listen.”

Dr. Blundy was also surprised that there was no learning curve for him in relation to the layout of the new space. Since we had worked closely together to design the floorplan and placement of items in each room, he knew from the first day he opened his new office where to find things.

How our Chiropractic Expertise was a Benefit

Dr. Blundy was pleased that we already understood the Chiropractic profession and what was needed for a Chiropractor’s office. “So it wasn’t like going to a designer that designs regular office buildings, with no concept of how patient flow is supposed to be.” He said the biggest benefit for him was when we were working on layout ideas with him that our team knew the dimensions of the equipment, so that we could show what it would look like in the room.

He was also happy for CrossFields’ construction expertise, for there were a few items that the contractors were doing incorrectly that we were able to correct and let them know the proper way it should be; things that Dr. Blundy himself did not know.

A Learning Experience

Dr. Blundy shared that the process of opening a new office was a learning experience for him, and suggested “everybody needs to have realistic expectations on how long it takes to put this together. A lot of things come up with designing that you want to make sure are done correctly the first time”.

He began working with us about a year before he opened his new office. His original goal was to open the new office sooner, but realized that he “needed to focus on the final product and not compromise on anything.” He recognized that his original timeline was not realistic and was very glad that he waited to get the final product that he really wanted. He shared this advice for other Chiropractors: “Be patient, it will come together, and you will be thankful in the end that you did.”

See Dr. Blundy’s Portfolio and how CrossFields captured the vision and worked with Dr. Blundy to meld his high-end vision and goals against the reality of a conservative budget.

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Carolyn Boldt

With over 30 years of experience, Carolyn has gained complete understanding of every aspect of the commercial interior industry. Her experience includes turnkey, full-service architectural interior design; extensive program development studies (PDS), feasibility studies, design programs , planning studies and space planning; development of facility standards and master plans; creative impact statements for retail, hospitality and corporate; graphic identity packages; sustainable design; as well as complete facility start-ups and relocation management.

She has a Bachelors of Science – Interior Design, University of Texas at Austin, 1980, is a Registered Designer, a LEED Accredited Professional, NCIDQ Certified, and Professional Member of IIDA/International Interior Design Association and GAIDP/Georgia Association of Professional Interior Designers.