Having a particularly slow week? Worried about how you can generate business for future success? Is it possible to GROW your practice during this time? We think it is! When business picks up again, you want to be ready! Use this time to make some much needed improvements, big and small.

Here are a few things you can do
now to help your future!

Growing your chiropractic business during the pandemic


Less people does not mean less to clean. Take this time to deep clean your space (office or home). Dust, sweep, mop, wipe baseboards, throw out old magazines. Make sure your space will be ready for when things get busy again! Nothing turns off a new patient more than a layer of dust.


It’s time to tackle those files and papers that have been piling on your desk or in your computer. We always, always tell our clients: stop stacking paperwork on your desk! A paper pile ruins the aesthetic of your reception area. Take the time to go through what you have and create a system that you can implement for the future. Maybe you need a special paper tray or drawers. Maybe the papers can live in another room that will keep them in sight for you and your staff, but out of sight of potential customers. Don’t forget to organize that computer as well! Less clutter makes things easier on you and your staff to find what you need.


What a great opportunity to simply organize your patient list. Can you get them all into a certain system or spread sheet? Is that list up to date with the best email and contact number? Have you seen that person in a while? What about their spouse? Creating or updating your system now will give you a good process for keeping up with future clients!


Speaking of people you haven’t seen in a while, why not reach out? This can be a simple email blast (tip above helps with this) with your top 5 tips for keeping immune system going. This can also be a real-life phone call! Ask them how they are doing, is everyone in their family well? Connect with them so that they remember you’re not just another doctor, you’re there for them.

reach out via email to your chirorpractic clients


Wishing you had more time to up your marketing game (or even create one?) Congrats, now is your time!

  1. Start with your website- Is it up to date? Do you need new pictures? Can you add some recent photos of all your staff?
  2. Next move to social media – do you have someone maintain these (it doesn’t have to be you!) What do you want your social media to say/show about you? Can you post more tips and tricks to connect with those patients that rely on you so much?
  3. Ready for more? Look into advertising whether is be Facebook ads or old fashion post cards. Think about your target audience and connect to them “where they are.”


Your web presence is only a small part of how people perceive you. Your patients will base their opinion on the level of care they will receive by assessing the quality of your office environment.
Start with this: “Does the image of my office space represent the quality of care my patients receive?” More often than not a business owner cannot see a 1st impression because they are too familiar. The first thing we recommend is that you call someone you trust to be honest with you and have them “walk” through your office with you. Get our Free 5 Point Checklist for a step by step on how to evaluate your image.


At this point you may be ready for a makeover, or just looking for some ideas on what you can do to your office while you have the time. We always ask our clients to start by gathering inspiration photos. Like that front desk in that dentist office? Save it! Love the “wow factor” of that competitors office? Save it! Pinterest is an amazing resource to help you find and save all the things that inspire you. Check out our Portfolio page for some more inspiration.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Carve out some dedicated time to sit down and make a plan for your business’s future. This is not the same as goals! While having goals is important, you can’t make it to the finish line if you don’t know the mile markers for the race. What are those steps you need to take? What are you going to do with your time? If you want to increase your patient list can you make 3 phone calls a day? If you want to increase your web presence can your receptionist run your Instagram? If so, what would you like posted there and how often? How about that makeover, what is the first step?

Balance Wellness 3D Rendering Front Desk


No one can do everything alone. As a successful Chiropractor you wear the hat of doctor, CEO, CFO, marketing director, and so much more. Reach out to someone that seems to be “doing it all,” he/she will tell you, they have help!

We’re here for you.

If you want to know what it takes to bring your dream office to life, click here to schedule a no-obligation consultation. On this video conference, you will share your goals, vision and who you are. Based on your specific needs, we will then share how we can help you “Bring Your Vision to Life.”  😊

Lauren Beeco

After working in various marketing positions in North Carolina and Virgina, Lauren joined the CrossFields team in 2017. She now lives in Roswell, GA with her husband, son and dog. Find more from her on our social media sites!