Finish_palette_on_webcamMore specifically, “How can you help me when we are not in the same state?” That is a question I am asked frequently as I speak with people each day.

When I first started working at CrossFields, I wondered the same thing. Six months later, I must say I am amazed at the process our designers have developed that has allowed CrossFields to serve clients all over the United States and beyond.

But, I’m on the West Coast and CrossFields is on the East Coast!

I know and the good news is that CrossFields’ process is not bound by physical limitations! While we are in Georgia, our recent several clients have been on the West coast including Washington and California, as well as around the country in Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Jersey, Virginia, Connecticut, and Massachusetts

So, How Does It Work?

The internet. That is the key! More specifically, virtual meetings. CrossFields uses a virtual meeting company to connect with clients. Through virtual meetings our designers are able to meet with and collaborate with their clients. They are able to make presentations on space plans, design details, and even present finish samples.  Then actual finish samples are delivered to the Chiropractors for final selection.

Our Goal

Of course at the end of every process is a goal. Our goal at CrossFields is to partner with you to help you elevate your success by creating for you a practical and impactful environment.

Where Do I Begin?

Our process begins with a Complimentary Consultation with one of CrossFields’ Principals. Consultations last approximately 1 hour, are intended to give you specific guidance and are crucial to help determine your specific design needs.

Are you ready to begin your design journey? If so, contact us and you will be on your way to a beautiful new space!

Kelda Williams

Kelda Williams was a valuable member of CrossFields for many years. Her most recent position was the Project Coordinator. She has recently retired to stay at home with her husband and pets.