Whether you’ve been in business for one or twenty-one years, marketing is essential in your success. In our 5 Biggest Mistakes eBooklet, we discuss that one of the biggest mistakes we see when a Chiropractor expands or starts a new clinic is spending so much time focused on the opening of their office and the looming deadlines that they never have quite enough time left to spend on marketing.

Promoting your clinic online can be a successful piece of your marketing plan. We asked Sharon Dawson from TheeDesign Studio, our web developer and marketing partner, to give you an overview of successful practices for online marketing.


The most important thing your office needs for its online presence is a website. Be sure your address and phone number are featured prominently on the front page. Include a list of services that you offer, and bios on the doctors and staff working for you.

When naming pictures you upload to your website, include phrases related to your practice and location in the image names. This allows Google and other search engines to associate your practice with certain words. For example, instead of naming a picture “our office”, name it “Dawson’s Chiropractic Clinic in Raleigh”. View our Portfolio page and right click on a picture to get examples of this naming convention.

Social Media Accounts

Facebook is the most common social media account, and having a presence on there can help promote your business. Gen Xers and Millennials often ask their friends for recommendations for services on Facebook, and checking the look of your company page may weigh in their decision to choose your practice. Facebook posts should follow the 80/20 rule – 20% about selling patients on your business, 80% talking about other things. Sharing pictures of employees on their birthdays or work anniversaries are great ways for patients to get to know your staff.

Pinterest can be another way to reach your target market. Pinterest in dominated by women, and the average household income of their users exceeds $60,000. Create boards relating to topics that people who get chiropractic help are interested in, such as whole foods, exercise, healthy recipes, and motivational quotes. See Dr. Josh Axe’s Pinterest page for ideas.

Google Maps & Google Plus

Google-Plus-Page-for-Chiropractic-ClinicsGoogle Maps is the main tool used by GPS devices and Smartphones to provide directions. Your office location and phone number need to be listed correctly in Google Maps to ensure patients can find you. The map listing also links to your Google Business page, where you can provide links to your website, social media accounts, and details on your business such as hours and credit cards accepted.

Google Plus is underutilized by most companies. This is the best place to capture reviews of your practice by patients. Your star rating will show under your listing when people search in Google, which may sway a potential patient to visit your practice versus the competition. Promote your practice on Google Plus by posting the same 80/20 content as on your Facebook page. You can see an example of how to post on Google Plus by visiting our CrossFields Inc. page.