The Neurologic Wellness Institute, specializing in functional neurology, was expanding their reach by adding an office in downtown Chicago. They had recently rebranded and Dr. Kelsey Brenner, representing the team of doctors and having natural gift and love for design herself, had put together a design idea board of the vision for the new space. As specialist themselves, they understood the benefit of hiring a specialist to help them create the perfect modern medical office design. They came to CrossFields to assist in developing the design of the new office, as they knew we understood the profession and could translate their vision.

The new location was downtown Chicago in old building that offered an open canvas and inherent industrial nature, with old brick walls and exposed wood ceilings. They had started working with the building architect and developed a foundational plan. Although they had originally hired us just for the finishing design, we immediately saw some challenges with the layout. The reception was too small for their seating goals, the rooms were not adequately sized for their functions and the restroom and kitchen core was not as efficient as they could be.


Working from the “inside out”, focused on the layout of each space function, CrossFields developed a series of space plan ideas to consider. In working with Dr. Kelsey, a plan was finalized that best met their goals.

As Dr. Kelsey said, “You ended up really helping the space and looking at it in a way we would not have thought of.”

The plan was further developed to include a detailed lighting layout and selections as well as wall, doors and window details that were then passed to the architect. CrossFields further developed the front desk design, finish selections and furnishing suggestions.

The end results are a space that compliments the uniqueness of the space, as well as the function of the office. And they have a foundation to replicate for future offices.


– Further developed Floor Plan

– Created Architectural and Interior Drawings

– Designed Millwork

– Helped to select and document all interior finishes and lighting

– Guided direction on interior furniture