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Building Your Brand With Good Office Design

This is a transcript of Enlighten Your Practice Podcast, Episode 27. Podcast host, Dr. Ken Braslow, interviews CrossFields VP of Design, Carolyn Boldt. You can listen to the full podcast here. Ken: So, welcome to the Enlightened Practice Podcast. I’m very excited to have Carolyn Boldt on with us today. Carolyn and her husband co-founded Cross […]


Integrated Practice Design and Clinic Strategies for Care

This article originally appeared on Integrated practice design, layouts and physical strategies for movement within chiropractic offices Expanding your services to include integrated medical care can provide your patients with a multidisciplinary “one-stop” solution to their health care, but how this will impact your integrated practice design? As detailed in our article published in Issue 15 […]

All About Cryotherapy

What is Cryotherapy?  Cryotherapy utilizes the power of cold to promote your body’s natural ability to heal, triggering a systemic fight or flight response which results in the blood being forced away from the extremities, short looping through the lymphatic system and back to the vital organs. Your body returns to a state of homeostasis […]

Denver Physical Therapy Clinic 10

Design Your Ideal Physical Therapy Clinic

Physical therapy (PT) services within a chiropractic office can be a natural complement. But what must be considered in physical therapy clinic design? For chiropractic clinic designs that include physical therapy, the primary requirement must be the practice’s methodology. With that in mind, you can now focus on three key priorities in the design to create […]

Integrated Medical Exam Room

Designing Your Integrative Medical Practice

This article was written for and published in ChiroEconomics magazine. For more information from ChiroEconomics see their site Understand the legal requirements for services, then work toward an easily cleanable space with your modern office design Have you thought about adding or expanding your services to include integrative health care? If so, there are a few […]

GROWTH During Slow Times

Having a particularly slow week? Worried about how you can generate business for future success? Is it possible to GROW your practice during this time? We think it is! When business picks up again, you want to be ready! Use this time to make some much needed improvements, big and small. Here are a few things […]


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