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Carpet Tile vs. Broadloom Carpet

Once you’ve determined that carpet is the right floor covering for your office, there is still another decision to be made. You may already know the color or pattern you want, but did you know there are different types of carpet? Here are some helpful details to help you choose between the two styles. 

Carpet Tile


Balance Wellspace Denver – Installed on an angle
  • Most common size- 24” x 24” square tiles
  • Installation method- pressure sensitive adhesive (not permanent)
    • Can “float” in a space if desired (not wall to wall)
  • Easily replaceable if staining, tearing, or wear occur (can replace 1-2 squares as needed)
  • Initial cost- slightly more expensive than broadloom
    • ($24.00-26.00/YD installed allowance) (high end $29.00-34.00/YD installed allowance)
  • Long term cost- less expensive than broadloom (can replace small areas as needed)
  • Many pattern options and can be installed in different patterns/methods for interest
    • Monolithic pattern is the most common installation method
Carpet Tile - Install Method options

Broadloom Carpet

  • Most common size- 12’ long rolls
  • Installation method- direct glue down (permanent)
  • Installed wall to wall
  • Must patch or replace entire area if stained, torn, or worn
  • Initial cost- slightly less expensive than carpet tile
    • ($18.00-20.00/YD installed allowance)
  • Long term cost- more expensive than carpet tile (must replace entire run)
  • Many pattern options, but limited as to the direction you can run the material
Carpet Tile and Broadloom Carpet Mixed
Example of carpet tile (on left) and a broadloom carpet coordinate (on right)

Which type of carpet serves your space and purposes best? Are you drawn to one or the other based on a single factor, such as cost or installation? Sign up for a Complimentary Consultation to talk to us more about your carpet or flooring options!

Final picture courtesy of Shaw Floors.

Kelly Owen

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