Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

IIDA and WilsonArt Invited us to participate in their event in Atlanta!

At the beginning of August, CrossFields had the pleasure of participating in ZeroLandfill Atlanta. We gathered our old supplies and finish chiropractic office design samples that we could no longer use, or that had been discontinued, and decided to donate them to this event.

Separated finish samples getting packed up and ready to go to the warehouse for donation.

ZeroLandfill is a not-for-profit organizational event where local design firms donate all of their unused or unwanted samples and supplies that would have been originally sent to a landfill. The donated samples then get separated and volunteers create piles of samples based on what category they fall under. Local teachers, students, artists, etc. are then welcomed by the volunteers to come and pick out any of the samples that they may be able to reuse or repurpose so that we can help in the effort to reduce waste going into our landfills.




Designer, Kelly Owen and husband, Corey, drop off a full car load of finish samples and supplies to be donated!

We encourage you to reach out and take an initiative in helping to recycle and reuse!

Kelly Owen

Kelly Owen was a valuable part of the CrossFields team for many year. She has recently began a new adventure outside of the company and we are very excited for her! Her amazing work can still be found here on our website and in our clients spaces.